I’m Breaking The Cycle of My Family’s Generational Trauma: Not Safe For Mom Group Podcast Interview

At three or four years old, I sat alone on the carpet in our Chinese immigrant home in San Francisco, never knowing when anyone would ever come home. Locked inside, lonely, feeling abandoned.

My parents were doing the best they could to provide for our family in a foreign land, but we were poor and I was often neglected—not by choice but by necessity. 

It hurt. A lot. Or at least, it should have.

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Five Lessons From Surviving My First Year As a Mom

As I held him in my arms while my insides were sewn back into place on the operating table, my son opened his little beady eyes one at a time. 

At last, we met face to face on a rare snowy day last April. Nine months of gestation (well, a little over nine… stubborn dude was a bit too cozy in there), seventeen hours of excruciating induced labor, two epidural attempts, and one emergency c-section later, Atlas made it out. 

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How Blockchain Could Make Life & Death Easier for Families

Today I want to talk about two very important topics: Blockchain and Death. They might seem unrelated but actually blockchain could really make life and death easier for families. I would know. Blockchain technology could’ve helped mine when I lost my mom to cancer.

You might not care about blockchain (yet) and may be asking yourself, “What the heck does blockchain have to do with my family?”

Well, I’d like to share my story with you.

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First Aid For Someone Who Has Lost a Parent

It’s the life-changing event that no one can ever prepare for. The news that no one wants to ever receive. How could the person who gave you life no longer be alive? It doesn’t make sense. There must be a mistake. Maybe they’re just sleeping? It can’t be. You lose your breath.

Can’t believe. Can’t breathe. Won’t believe. Must breathe...

Your chest hurts so bad you feel like someone has mercilessly ripped your heart out.

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