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WRITER- I'm writing a memoir about my journey of grief through losing both parents and finding self-worth as a child of immigrants. I also write about life lessons, practical life tips and tech on my Blog.

CONTENT CREATOR- For helpful life tips, travel adventures, and a peek into this expat's life, please follow my Youtube or Instagram. I'm also Co-Producer of BitcoinFilm. 

SPEAKER- A voice is a powerful tool. I've been an Emcee at a TEDx event, and a speaker at Soulo & Women Catalysts. My Speaker page.


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As an Empowerment Coach, I empower real humans to make BIG ASS changes and design the life + work they dream of.

Imagine what's possible when you get clear on what you want and stand up for it.

Whether it's a more meaningful career, a business that's more aligned with your authentic self, a better relationship with a partner, or a home you love walking into...it's all POSSIBLE.

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I am the Founder, CEO & Champion of Communication at Bon Intent, a marketing communications consultancy. I help tech companies sound more human.

Good communication and emotional intelligence matter.

I've shared my story and advice on Forbes, WE RULE, BBC, The Color of Success, The Freelance Friday Podcast, The Tao of Self-Confidence and Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center.

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My Real Human Story

When I was a kid, I got in trouble for laughing too much in class. A rebel and seeker in my own way, I always strived to find the light.

My Chinese immigrant parents worked hard-- my dad in a restaurant, and my mom as an artist and entrepreneur. I learned from them how to be resilient through big life changes, how to be a good human, and how to carve my own path. After I lost both of my parents to lung disease and cancer, I vowed to carry their legacy on in me-- to live my life fully with zest, and to make an impact in the world.

That's why my career has been non-linear, as you can find out on my Linkedin. In my life so far, I've already been many things, from Cancer Research Scientist to Project Manager to Marketing Consultant and Entrepreneur to Coach and Creator-- and I'm proud of that. From thriving in a global healthcare company of 80,000 employees to being a solopreneur, I'm proud of designing my life + work.

Where others see darkness, I see light. I am a designer of my life. I believe that most things ARE POSSIBLE if we really believe in them. That dreams CAN come true.

That dreaming has led me to my current life, as an expat living in Berlin and working globally. I feel lucky to have traveled to 37 countries so far. However, San Francisco is still my hometown, and I'll always remember my roots. I'll always remember my mom and dad.