Ready to transform your life?

As humans, we go through major transitions in our lives, and sometimes feel stuck or lost. As a Transformational Coach, I help people find their way through life's big challenges and changes.

On our coaching journeys together, I help clients transform the way they see themselves and the world around them, take action, and design the life they dream of.

Everything is connected, whether we want to see change in our personal or professional lives. Together we work on the whole human.

Want to know a secret? We all have the answers we need deep inside -- we just need to unlock them. 😉


Need help with your marketing?

I am the Founder & Champion of Communication at Bon Intent, a marketing communications consultancy. I help tech companies sound more human.

Being an entrepreneur is an exciting adventure fulls of ups and downs. I've shared my story and advice for fellow entrepreneurs on WE RULE , The Freelance Friday PodcastThe Asian American Voice, The Tao of Self-Confidence and Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center.

Though San Francisco is my hometown, I love life as an expat in Germany, and feel grateful that I can work from anywhere in the world as a digital nomad.


Want to read or watch more?

WRITER- I'm currently writing a book. I also write about Life Lessons, Tech, and Grief on Medium and my Blog. Want to explore what it means to be a real vulnerable human in the digital age? Then check out my project #100daysrealhuman.

CONTENT CREATOR- For travel, helpful life tips, and a peek into this human's journey, please follow along on my Youtube or Instagram.

SPEAKER- A voice is a powerful tool for change. I've been an Emcee at a TEDx event, a Monologist at a Leela SF improv show, and a speaker at a Women Catalysts event.


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Designing a fulfilling life helping others live the life they dream of. Finding the extraordinary in the ordinary. Meaningful human connection. Emotionally-intelligent communication. Traveling to gain new perspectives. Cats.