Getting Started in Cryptocurrency For Beginners: Welcome Guide

Welcome To The World of Crypto

Hello and welcome, curious human who wants to learn more about getting started with cryptocurrency!

If you're a very early beginner just poking around and wanting to know more about this "thing you heard of from a friend or seen in the news", then congrats! You're in the right place.

My goals for this guide and how you’ll benefit:

  • Warmly welcome you to the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain
  • Empower you to sort through the overwhelm by explaining a few basics in simpler terms
  • Point you to some useful resources for education and investing in cryptocurrency for beginners
  • Ask you questions to help you think about your own unique journey

I know that it can be overwhelming.

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BBC Radio Interview: Virtual Hang Outs

I was interviewed by BBC Radio yesterday to share some very quick thoughts on the rise of Virtual Hang Outs during these uncertain times.

The segment on Virtual Hang Outs starts at 14:20 and ends at 18:56 in this BBC recording. Other fellow interviewees in the segment shared how they were providing music and laughter online.

In a time of a lot of heavy news and anxiety, I'm going to continue to try to be a face and voice of light, love, and hope.

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My Forbes Interview on Virtual Happy Hours

One of my dreams has always been to appear in Forbes. Especially in Forbes Business. However, I never imagined it would finally happen...for hosting a Virtual Happy Hour hahaha.

During these times of the coronavirus crisis, it's important to remember that there is still light. That there is still hope. That we can rely on one another.

Though I've been on self-quarantine for one week now, my friends have kept me sane.

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How Blockchain Could Make Life & Death Easier for Families

Today I want to talk about two very important topics: Blockchain and Death. They might seem unrelated but actually blockchain could really make life and death easier for families. I would know. Blockchain technology could’ve helped mine when I lost my mom to cancer.

You might not care about blockchain (yet) and may be asking yourself, “What the heck does blockchain have to do with my family?”

Well, I’d like to share my story with you.

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