My Forbes Interview on Virtual Happy Hours

One of my dreams has always been to appear in Forbes. Especially in Forbes Business. However, I never imagined it would finally happen...for hosting a Virtual Happy Hour hahaha.

During these times of the coronavirus crisis, it's important to remember that there is still light. That there is still hope. That we can rely on one another.

Though I've been on self-quarantine for one week now, my friends have kept me sane. I'm glad that I can still hang out with my friends virtually during this time. That's why I was honored to be interviewed by Forbes. Along with others interviewed across the world in the article, we told our stories of how we are managing to still socially connect--but online.

Here are some highlights (more in the full Forbes article here)

"Jenn Choi, an American living in Berlin as a marketing consultant and executive coach, is one of those extroverts that Phillips is talking about. “I’m a community person,” she says on a FaceTime call from her sun-lit apartment. Being isolated “is a frigging nightmare for me.”

"Through a 30-person WhatsApp group, Choi’s friends “were literally lamenting like, So do we not get to see each other anymore? What about private dinners?” she says. “We’re a very social group. And so I just immediately said, Hey guys, If I hosted a Zoom, would you guys join? I was surprised that so many of them said yes.” She pitched it to her friends in the late afternoon Friday, and they sat down that evening, drinking and chatting. (Choi stuck to tea; she’s recovering from what she hopes is only a seasonal cold.) They discussed work-from-home tips, the coronavirus itself, of course, and about a couple they knew who had recently gotten back together."

If you'd like to hear more of my story, and the stories of others, please check out the full article here: "The Coronavirus Has Brought The Dawn of The Virtual Happy Hour."