Tips For Dealing With Grief – My Interview on “The Way We Connect” Podcast

The ones we love live on in us. ❤️ Knowing this has helped me immensely through my grief.

Are you on a grief journey too? There are often so many unanswered questions and it can be a confusing painful time.

Yet there are things I do know.

I know that in my darkest moments, my parents are comforting me, even though they have passed on.

I also know that in my happiest moments, their spirits come alive to celebrate with me.

Many people are understandably devastated that lost loved ones aren’t alive to witness special milestones in their lives.

But for me, I know that they are still here.

Looking at this happy moment from our wedding day in Copenhagen, and then looking at their proud faces from theirs in rural Taishan, I feel their love with me.

Recently, I was interviewed on “The Way We Connect” podcast hosted by Gwyneth Jones to share tips on dealing with grief. We hope to bring light to this taboo topic and help many out there through their losses. ✨✨

Please give it a listen here: Dealing With Grief- "The Way We Connect" Podcast

I hope it brings someone out there some comfort. ❤️

With love and light,


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