Support Haven – Coaching to Get Through This Together

Unprecedented times call for us humans to band together to help those in need.

That's why I'm proud to announce that two weeks ago, we launched Support Haven, a global initiative that offers free emotional support to anyone feeling challenged by COVID-19 through pro bono coaching sessions.

For those struggling and who need emotional support: Relief is on the way to you.

Together with over 100 other coaches, we are each volunteering 2 hours per week pro bono to offer emotional support to those in need, through free online coaching.

Our professional trained coaches have trained with Animas, one of the best transformational life coaching schools. The volunteers on this initiative serve different people from all over the world, as we grapple with this global crisis. We speak over 25 languages collectively. Together we are united in helping others manage through the stress, anxiety, and uncertainty during this crisis.

Crazy to believe that just 3 weeks ago, this started as just an idea. An expression of what others were feeling: the desire to mobilize and help. A fellow transformational coach Beatrice Zornek and I were chatting one Sunday morning, and by nightfall we stepped into our destiny as Co-Facilitators for this initiative. And now, we've grown into a large community of coaches, and an awesome team of volunteers working behind the scenes.

Part of my mission as a real human is to help create impact at scale. That's why I'm honored to have the opportunity to help lead this global initiative. This is in addition to running my actual coaching business, which I just announced here. I believe that running a thriving coaching business and serving the community are not mutually exclusive. It's possible to do both. To help people in a paid business capacity, AND help others at scale in a pro bono capacity. I am humbled to be able to do both.

Coaching can help people find a sense of calm in all of this. To feel empathetically heard. And to see possibilities for a way forward.

And on that note of help, dear humans, I invite you to please help us spread the word about Support Haven. If you or anyone you know is feeling impacted by the crisis, then please let them know that we are here to offer emotional support.


-Follow our Support Haven Facebook page, where we will post regular updates that you can leverage to easily re-share in your own network to help reach others in need.

-Share our Support Haven website (where people can book pro bono sessions with our volunteer coaches directly)

Thank you for joining us in getting this out there. Together we rise. Together WILL get through this.