How to Make a Good Impression in Video Meetings

Many teams are currently being told to work from home. Are you one of them?

How you show up virtually matters, so I made a video to help. It’s full of tips for how to make a good impression in video meetings.

Much of my work life has been online for the past 4 years. I’ve been working remotely across many different countries and time zones as a marketing comms consultant and transformational coach. I’ve hosted or attended hundreds of 1x1 and group meetings online.

What I’ve learned is: Virtual meetings don’t have to suck. We all have the choice to make them better. They can be incredibly effective IF people can show up and stay engaged. But it’s crucial that attendees invest in how they show up onscreen.

When I first made this video last year, it was because I wanted to help other remote workers like myself. But now with COVID-19 and its impacts on work, I thought it might be useful to share it again.