How to Hold Space & Better Support Your Loved Ones

Often times when people are going through hard times, we try to be there for them. However, sometimes we mean well but aren’t able to hold space and listen without judgment.

As a Transformational Coach, one of the most significant things I’ve learned in my coaching training is how to hold space and truly support others while keeping the focus on them.

I saw first hand the need for compassionate support when my ceiling collapsed in our old apartment and we were suddenly homeless.

That's why I made a video to talk about why holding space is important and how it could help you in your life to become a better listener, partner, and friend.

As a bonus, I documented the aftermath of the ceiling collapse, and will reveal our new kitchen in our new home in Berlin, Germany! Yes, it’s pretty crazy that you sometimes have to build your own kitchen, even as a renter here. Thanks for watching!