A Unified Self

Hi, nice to meet you. I’m Jenn. 🙂 Today, I’m stepping out as a Unified Self.

What does that mean? It means that I’m authentically integrating all the different aspects of myself, and sharing the whole human being for the world to see.

Before, I felt a bit segmented. The different parts of my life were compartmentalized into neat little boxes.  For years, when I was working in corporate, I felt like I had to split between a Work Me and a Personal Life Me. There was the really polished, professional me. And then there was the free-spirited, deep-pondering, wildly-animated me. There was wanderlusting traveler me, creative artist me, former scientist me, philosopher me…and the list goes on. Though I’m proud to call myself a modern Renaissance woman, it got tiresome…censoring and architecting which aspects to show and when.

No more. I want to be my truest self at all times.

When I first began my journey into entrepreneurship in 2015, I was really nervous about putting myself out there. I hid behind my company name: Bon Intent. And then I hid behind my podcast name: Cup of Comms. I even hid behind a blog name: Mindful Meowsings. Why? I was scared to be fully seen in public. This was likely because I was culturally taught by my Chinese parents to keep my voice small, and to remain inconspicuous. However, over time, I realized that there’s great power in allowing myself to be seen and heard. There’s great power in sharing my voice.

I’ll be sharing myself with you on this personal website.

As a Champion of Communication, I help others unlock the power of communication. It’s my passion to help people more meaningfully connect through better communication.  The magical key to this is recognizing that we are all human beings who have our own emotions, dreams, inner worlds, and beautifully diverse lives. As such, it only makes sense that I share my vulnerability as a fellow human.

So here I am, a Unified Self. It’s a pleasure to meet you.

P.S. The M in Jenn M. Choi stands for Meow, which is what my friends call me. 😉

With love,